Application for ProAg Field Days, supported by bcu is yet to be advised.

When and Where

ProAg Field Days, supported by bcu, will be staged on (To Be Confirmed), from 8am each day.

The ProAg Field Days, supported by bcu, will be held at the Macksville Showground, 111 Rodeo Drive, North Macksville. 



Sites are only allocated to exhibitors who have sent in a completed Application Form, confirmed by the organisers. Every effort is made to allocate space according to the exhibitor’s preferences. Please note the organisers reserve the right to allocate sites at their discretion and to alter allocations when necessary.



The ProAg Official Guide is produced by Macleay Valley Argus and is designed specifically for visitor use.  The ProAg Official Guide is inserted in the Macleay Valley Argus prior to the field days and handed out free during ProAg Field Days.  Each participant receives one full company listing and product listing reference.  For more information on the ProAg Official Guide, contact the Macleay Valley Argus on (02) 6562 6622.


If you are looking to launch a new product or service at ProAg Field Days, supported by bcu, tell us about it in 75 words or less. We may be able to obtain publicity opportunities for you.  Media are always looking for a new angle, especially something new or ground breaking.  Further details will be sent on confirmation of your Application Form.

Television, Radio & Press

Advertising for ProAg Field Days, supported by bcu, on Television and Radio is extensive and includes placement in major regional television markets in line with our survey findings.  

ProAg Field Days, supported by bcu, media partners have specially prepared advertising packages available to exhibitors.

what's on SITE

Food & Catering

For the convenience of participants’ set-up and dismantling, the Main Kitchen will be open on Thursday prior event. It will offer a selection of hot and cold food and beverages.  All food served on site must comply with NSW Health regulations.

Rubbish Collection

Rubbish collection takes place continually during the day and each night of ProAg and participants are asked to place all packaging and rubbish in the bins nearest their stands.


At all times, tractors, vehicles, implements and equipment may be moving around all parts of the field. Exhibitors should exercise care,  particularly where children are present.

No cranes or forklifts are to operate on site at night or at any time during the Friday or Saturday of the ProAg Field Days, supported by bcu, event. No display, large or small, is to be dismantled before 4.00pm on Saturday.

To avoid hitting underground power, participants are asked NOT to dig post holes themselves - leave it to the organisers. You are reminded that the Work Health and Safety Act requires you to provide a safe environment for workers and visitors and that you are responsible to ensure that all extension leads and power boards used by you are suitable and in a safe condition and have the appropriate tags in place.


For safety reason participants should avoid bringing children with them during the set-up period.


A professional security service operates on site 24 hours a day from 5pm Wednesday 31 October until midday Sunday 3 November.

Neither the event organisers, nor the security company accept responsibility for any goods or property on the grounds. Inform security or the ProAg Headquarters IMMEDIATELY, if you have stock missing. Security can be contacted through the ProAg Headquarters.

Exhibitors must make their own security arrangements to protect their property whilst on site. Security will operate a checkpoint on the entrance road on Wednesday 31 October, Thursday 1 and Sunday 4 November to dissuade sightseers.

To assist security, participants should have an EXHIBITOR PASS visibly displayed on their vehicle windscreens at all times. For security reasons, your stand should be staffed between the hours of 7am and 5pm, Friday and Saturday of ProAg, supported by bcu. Please ensure everyone remains on your site until 8am. Don't leave your stand unattended during exhibition times. Although the official opening time is 8am, Police may request organisers to allow the public on site earlier to alleviate traffic congestions.

Participants are requested to advise security at the ProAg Headquarters if it is their intention to be on the ground before 7am or after 6pm on any day. You may be challenged by a Security Officer on leaving or entering the ground late or early in the day.

We ask that you please co-operate and provide security staff with a bonafide reason for being where you are. Please ensure that all staff operating on your stand, and other people connected with your exhibit, are aware of the security arrangements at ProAg, supported by bcu.


For more information about security, services or being an exhibitor at ProAg Field Days, supported by bcu, please contact Rural Events on 02 6768 5800 or email